Ranks Commands

These are all the commands for each rank. Individual perk commands

Donor Rank


You can drag any block into your head slot to use it as a hat.


/nick Allows you to change your name to anything in game as long as it follows the rules and you are able to use emojis and chat effects.

Chat Color

You can use /colorchat to change the color of you messages in chat so everyone can see.

VIP Rank

Animated Chat Effects

You can use animated chat effects when you are sending a message and on signs, books and more. There are many different effects you can use, you can use the rainbow effect by typing <r [text]> and wobbling text with <w [text]> jumping text <j [text]> and you can combine the rainbow with jump or wobble with, <rj [text]> and <rw [text]>


You can emote by doing /emote [type]

Player Particles

Player particles can be accessed via the /pp command where you can create your very own particle animations with so many variations.


Glowing Effect

You can show everyone how swagger you are with /eglow where you can pick what kind of glowing effect you have. Players will be be able to see you through walls because of the outline so not recommended if in pvp scenarios. While using emotes with the glowing effect it may look buggy.

Image Maps

You can put images on maps by doing /maptool new [imageurl] . Some URL's are too long so you might have to use a URL shortener such as https://tinyurl.com/app/ . You can view previous maps that you have used with /maps . Images that you spawn in require item frames to place, each map shows the dimensions of item frames it needs. Some images appear buggy and they don't use all the item frames they ask you to use so you can resize the image with /maptool new [imageURL] resize-stretched 0 0 the "0 0" are just placeholders and it can be changed to anything to fit the image. PNG, JPEG and GIF are supported formats but may not always work. All rules apply to image maps no lewd imagery.