How to Make Money

This page allows you to see the different ways of making money on the server. More ways of making money are already being planned for future update.

Selling items

You can make money on the server by selling items player to player using the auction house or sign shops. This method is great for supporting your nation if you have an abundance of resources accessible and you can easily sell them for a profit.


Sell and buy stocks with our latest addition; stocks fluctuate in value just like in real life!


You can do parkour in spawn by going to the end portal in the ground it will spawn you on a block and as you progress each point you get $1.

Trivia games

Trivia games is a chat form of winning money. When there is enough players on the server, a trivia game will start in chat. Depending on how fast you answer the question correctly, you will get a prize.

Sell Drugs and Alcohol

With our latest update you can now grow, craft and sell drugs to other players to make a profit.


You can join a job to make money by doing /jobs browse you can see the different jobs available to you. There is a detailed list in the Commands and Other Mechanics.