Commands and Other Mechanics

You can find the commands and links to all plugins you can use on this page. More commands and links will be added when more things are added in future updates.

Towny commands

All Towny commands are here: https://geopoliticalsmp.com/help/towny.php​

Basic Towny Commands

You can create a new town with /t new [town name] , to invite a player do /t invite [playername] to accept an invite do /t accept

Emoji use

Everyone has access to emojis on the server from chat to even renaming items. With it, all you have to do to see a list of emojis is by doing /e that will bring up a book of all the emojis you can use. To use and emoji in a message can type Hello :sunglasses: for example and that would send as Hello

Brewing and Crafting Alcohol

The Brewing is way to in depth and long to cover on this although I have provided links to each key aspect of how to use the plugin.


You can craft a plethora of drugs which can be accessed in the crafting book in the crafting table. To see what is possible with this really cool plugin visit the links listed below.

Setting a home

Towny allows you to set a spawn that you can teleport to but you can also set homes with /sethome [name] and you can see your homes with /homes and you can delete homes with /delhome [name]. The limit to homes is currently 5.

Death Coordinates

When you die you can do /dc show which will show you what world and where you died.

BlockLocker commands

You are able to lock doors, chests, furnaces and more by simply placing a sign on it. You can find more in depth commands with the listed below.
All BlockLocker commands can be found here: https://geopoliticalsmp.com/help/blocklocker.php​

Auction House

Auction House is a plugin that allows you to list things for sale and buy from other players. To see what people are selling, you can use the command /ah to list something to sell. Hold the item in your hand and use the command /ah sell [price] [quantity]. For more commands not listed you can find them here: https://geopoliticalsmp.com/help/auctionhouse.php​

Griefing Restrictions

Keep the destruction of Earth on unclaimed land minimal although you can do anything in the resource world as it reset each month alongside the resource nether and end.


You can join any job you would like to start earning money simply do /jobs browse and find the job(s) you would like to join each job allows you to earn by doing different tasks.

Some of the Jobs available

  • Hunter
  • Builder
  • Crafter
  • Digger
  • Woodcutter
  • Fisherman


You buy, sell, and trade stocks; to start do /stock then to buy a stock go to the middle option labeled "Stock Market" click on the category you would like to purchase and find the stock you would like to purchase click on said stock and go to the bottom left and go into the "buy" option pick the amount you would like press "confirm", after that go to the other "buy" option and press that and now you own stock (If you had enough money to buy it).
[Video tutorial planned for the future as the stock plugin is a little complicated when starting out]

Custom Items

You can run the command /iarecipe [item recipe you want to see]. A list of items and or a menu will be implemented very soon